Our Impact on Mental Health, Fatigue, and Aging was Featured on an Emmy Nominated TV show

Life can be a super scary villain.

But unlike the movies, there’s no superhero to save the day.

There’s just you.

And you are, well… human.

Sometimes you feel like the Hulk.

You have up days and down days and days in between.

Other moments you find yourself sitting in a line at Starbucks, wondering if the magic you’ve been waiting for exists somewhere in that last sip.

But what if there was a place you could plug into a sweet concoction of brain nutrients that made you feel super energized, super young, super strong, and super capable of handling life?

Well, forget the what if – Such a place exists.

Welcome to Superhuman.

Because when you feel better, you do better.

Why Choose Superhuman?

There are many options out there when looking to meet your biohacking, naturopath, and holistic wellness needs. Superhuman Health is the first ‘one stop shop’ that treats the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. That’s right, no more running around.

Imagine having access to therapies such as red light facials, IV infusions, cellular age reversal, ozone therapy, an entire vitamin shot bar and more – all in one place – or in the comfort of your own home if you opt for mobile services.

Our Superhuman clients are served under the guidance of leading healers who recognize the importance of doing things differently. We strive to honor wellness from every angle, and address your health from a mindset of abundance vs. lack. We don’t just focus on what is going wrong in your body, we celebrate what is going right. We seek to optimize all aspects of your health to get you healthy and keep you healthy.

This means our work isn’t transactional. We don’t just ask what kind of treatment you want and stop there. We take it a step further. We ask you how you feel, and we care about your answer. Our mission comes from the heart. We want to better humanity and raise the global consciousness of what it means to live a Superhuman life.

As a Superhuman client, you will receive VIP treatment and develop a relationship with every practitioner that specializes in your wellness needs. We put your goals at the forefront of your wellness plan, and we work with you to dream in your possible.

What Makes Us Different?


You’re a Client, Not a Patient

Being a client means we are here to serve you and aid in your wellness needs, while fostering a mindset of picturesque health. We believe the word “Patient” brings to mind sickness. It stirs up imagery of hospital gowns, uncertainty and vulnerability. The word “Client” feels empowering. It places choice in your hands and brings you to us in a mindset of betterment, empowerment, and readiness to build on the current health status you have, regardless of where you are in your health journey.

We take a Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit Approach

We don’t just administer IV infusions and send you out the door. We care about your human experience. We treat the mind, body and spirit, tackling health from every angle so you aren’t just feeling physically better, but emotionally and spiritually better too. We utilize one of the most advanced and comprehensive diagnostic tools out there, analyzing forty-four different data points to develop your personal health goals and wellness plan. We believe in somatic healing practices, mental wellness, psychedelic journeys and more!

Concierge Style Mobile Service

We model our culture of excellence after Ritz Carlton and Apple. We recognize the value of thoughtful anticipation and meeting client needs. As a result, we’ve made it easy! Integrate wellness into your life today by booking an appointment where our providers to come to you.  Our team will provide excellence in service in the comfort of your own home, corporate setting, or event!

Convenient Downtown Location

We have a beautiful space in downtown Nashville, Tennessee where we provide numerous therapies to boost your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being! Come visit us at 5th&Broad to incorporate our services into your life today!

1-1-1 Giveback

We giveback 1% of our profits, 1% of our time, and 1% of our equity to worthy non-profits and individuals. Part of our mission is to help solve some of the biggest health challenges in our world. We believe there are solutions. While you feel good about rejuvenating your health, you’ll feel even better knowing you’re helping others do the same.

How Superhuman Mobile Services Work


Schedule An Appointment

Call us, text us, email us, or schedule your appointment online. We can work with you to determine your health goals and discuss recommendations on service packages that will benefit you most!



We Come To You

A nurse will come to you. We will typically be at your door within one hour or less, but this may vary based on nurse availability. We serve clients in every setting imaginable, from your home, corporate events, yoga studios, on set, backstage, in stadium locker rooms, parties, and more!



Enjoy the Services We Offer

Our nurses will administer the services you request at your time of booking! Our nurses are pros and ensure state of the art high-end service.



We Leave

We collect your payment and leave, so you can get back to enjoying your day!


Explore Our Infusion Blends

Is IV Therapy Right for Me?

It might sound more complicated to get an infusion over swallowing a capsule right?

When it comes to delivering specialized nutrients instantly into your body, infusion therapy is hands-down more effective than traditional oral supplements. IV therapy hydrates your body from the inside out! Your body absorbs far more nutrients when they are delivered directly into the bloodstream: almost 100% to be exact, in comparison to 10-30% of any oral supplements you may be taking.

Whether you want to make infusions part of your regular wellness routine or an occasional pick-me-up when you need a boost, IV therapy provides a solid WIN for your body’s well-being.

Superior Vitamin Delivery

An IV infusion sets itself apart by delivering near 100% of each vitamin and nutrient directly into your bloodstream. You can find your zen in our high-end atmosphere or stay cozy in the comfort of your home, as we flood your veins and cells with our nourishing vitamins and nutrients.

Improves Hydration

IV therapy is the fastest way to deliver essential nutrients to your bloodstream. Our IV infusions have been optimized to give your body a balanced form of hydration that meets your body’s needs. There’s a reason IV infusions have been a medical go-to solution in the hospital setting when you’re sick. We give you access to them when you’re healthy, to keep you healthy!

Supplies Essential Nutrients & Amino-Acids

IV therapy may provide your body with a natural boost of energy. Nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and NAD+ help you replace the constant need for caffeine that activates your body with stress hormones. We can give you the energy you need and may be lacking from you daily diet and environment. The healthier your cells are, the healthier you are! Don’t wait for “sick care,” take your health into your own hands!


Aides In Muscle Recovery

Do you feel like you’re performing at your best? Infusion therapy may strengthen muscles and improve flexibility by reducing inflammation and improving circulation. Delivering our amazing nutrients to your muscles can potentially rejuvenate fibers and build cells faster.

Helps with Hangover Symptoms

Have you had a rough night of paryting? Are you planning to have a rough night? Pre-party or post-party – we’ve got you! IV hydration may quickly resolve common hangover symptoms such as dehydration, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, excessive thirst, nausea, vomiting and stomach pain.

Better Health! 

Better health is now a choice! IV therapy may provide essential nutrients we need to live and excel in daily life. Our hydrating fluids can flush your body and potentially help improve the functioning of your vital organs, which can result in feeling healthier! Let us guide you to your ideal “healthy!”

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