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Our Origin Story


Superhuman was born in response to a real modern-day health dilemma. More and more people are waiting until they have existing chronic illness to pursue better health. We saw a window of opportunity to engage clients earlier – via prevention measures, reversing aging and disease, and bringing the body back to its natural state of equilibrium – using the latest and greatest trends in biohacking and holistic therapies.

Superhuman seeks to increase human longevity, reverse disease, improve energy, push peak performance, manage symptoms of anxiousness, addictive behavior, chronic sadness, and post-traumatic stress, and empower humans to tap into their extraordinary Superhuman health potential. We help clients feel good and live healthier in the long run. We offer therapies that truly help optimize health and make more of the best years of our client’s lives, so they feel better longer.

Meet The Team

Mike Zeller

Mike Zeller is a top entrepreneur mentor, visionary, and business architect. Mike has started 16+ businesses across multiple industries including technology, real estate, fashion, digital marketing, and high-level entrepreneur mastermind coaching. His businesses have generated over nine figures in total sales. He is also a published author of, “The Genius Within: Your Natural Pathway to Impact, Fulfillment, and Wealth.”

This visionary creative has a deep passion for optimizing people’s lives in all facets, but especially in the arena of health and wellness. As a former college athlete, Mike has been biohacking and studying peak performance, human longevity and optimal health for the last 15 years. He began studying biohackers and natural health advocates including Dr. Josh Axe, Dave Asprey, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. David Sinclair, and became endlessly fascinated with unlocking human potential. Due to his wife’s battle with depression as a 3-time suicide survivor, he additionally has a heart for mental health and healing wounds caused by the deeper battles in life.

Mike has been dedicated to unlocking the gifts and potential of others for years, having mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and leaders. Now he wants to raise the ceiling of human potential by increasing stamina, performance, and longevity while creating accelerated healing mechanisms.

Dr. Aaron Kovac

Dr. Aaron Kovac, DC, is a talented chiropractor, physiotherapist, business coach and multifaceted entrepreneur. Dr. Kovac has built, sold, and still runs multiple eight-figure businesses while navigating some of life’s more challenging ups and downs, including his daughter being diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer at age two.

Dr. Kovac is the host of the “Intentional Freedom Podcast” and is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs build a life where they are not enslaved to their business. He graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 2001 and holds certifications in the full-body Active Release Technique (ART), physiotherapy, fascial movement muscle taping, and manipulation under anesthesia (MUA).

Dr. Kovac utilizes his versatile training in ART, Diversified, Pettibon, and Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) techniques to lead the best in individualized chiropractic care for patients in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. He has built and sold multiple outpatient treatment centers and surgery centers in the Phoenix area and is currently building and scaling Studio 48, a multidisciplinary clinic focused on 360 degree health including medical, chiropractic and high end aesthetic services. Dr. Kovac has become a master of developing structures and systems that allow for more family time with his wife and three children. His business coaching focuses largely on teaching this skill and leading other entrepreneurs to live intentional and free lives.

Dr. Omar Hamada

Dr. Omar Hamada is a multi-board certified physician and surgeon who works with high-performing celebrities, athletes, and executives who seek to improve their lives beyond what they ever thought possible.

Dr. Hamada spent ten years as a US Army Special Forces flight surgeon and diving medical officer supporting elite Green Berets all over the world in every climate, at every elevation, and in austere environments – including helping troubled climbers off Everest base camp.

He has a passion for seeing people perform at their highest level and has developed a unique personalized and programmed process for reversing chronic disease, increasing longevity, and optimizing human performance. His goal is to see clients on no medications at 120 years of age.

Amanda Black

Amanda Black, RN, BSN is a registered nurse with over 13 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Amanda has proven success in organizational leadership, staff management, and treatment design with a multi-faceted treatment approach in a wide range of settings. As a clinician, her unique clinical background includes trauma and critical care nursing, leadership, marketing, medical device/pharmaceutical sales, training, and leadership. As a leader, she has developed numerous training protocols, scorecards, and performance goals, as well as client and staff onboarding procedures.

As a nurse, Amanda found herself searching, struggling, and tempted to give up as a result of her own health experiences. However, with the combination of a clinical and business mindset, paired with her strong drive to utilize science to help, cure, extend, and even reverse disease processes, she became strongly called to motivate others to optimize their health at full capacity.