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Superhuman IV vs Oral Supplements

Superhuman IV

  • No dependence on gut
  • Near 100% Absorbency
  • Immediate Impact: You feel the difference immediately
  • Maximum Impact For Maximum Energy & Vibrancy



  • Dependent on your specific gut health
  • Typically less than 30% absorbency
  • Slower To Impact
  • Large Variation In Quality

Why IV infusions Are More Effective

Bioavailability and Absorption: An IV infusion separates itself because it delivers 100% of each vitamin directly into your bloodstream. When you take a supplement orally, your body has to do a lot of work for that nutrient to be used.

While it might seem like taking a supplement with your mouth is a lot easier, here’s what your body really has to do in order to absorb and use whatever you swallowed.

The supplement has to effectively cross cells forming intestinal lining for absorption into the circulation.

The supplement only works as intended if it is given to an intact intestinal lining which can be easily damaged by stress, alcohol, infections and medications. (80%-90% of Americans struggle with damaged gut lining.)

Supplementation is reliant on specific transporters for each vitamin which are a.) sensitive to alcohol use and b.) are competitive with other vitamins because many vitamins try to use the same transporter.

While oral supplements might seem less expensive, they are drastically less efficient and you have to continually take a lot more in comparison to IV infusions.

Supplementation is not bad; it’s just not nearly as awesome as IV infusions


In most things in life, you either get one or the other, but with Superhuman you get both.

With an IV infusion, you can kick back in a comfortable chair while we flood your veins and cells directly with nourishing vitamins and super-nutrients.

This means your gut doesn’t have to go through the work of breaking down food into its constituent vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and amino acids—furthermore, your small intestine doesn’t have to work hard to pass the nutrients through its walls for cell absorption.

IV Infusion is a fast pass for fueling your body because each of the infused nutrients in it are immediately bioavailable to you. In this way, IV infusion is like the Secret Weapon of Functional Medicine. It gives you immediate results that last.

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