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The Hangover


Hydration + Hangover Recovery

Improve symptoms of even the worst hangover with a cocktail of Vitamin B, healing nutrients and electrolytes designed to reset your body from the wildest night of partying. Hydrate your cells and rejuvenate your body from the inside out so you can feel great again!

MEYERS BJ (Best Juice)


Vitamin Elixir

A unique recipe of superior-quality vitamins and nutrients, immediately ready for your body to use to make you healthier, stronger and more energized. Want a youthful glow? More energy? Just tell us what you’re in the mood for and we will whip up your unique IV blend!



Immune-Boosting Blend

Kick the post-Covid or illness blues and get your best self back with proven vitamins and healing agents designed to take your immune system back to its optimum state. Also a great choice if you have been traveling or simply feel worn down and like your system needs a jumpstart to tackle any inflammatory responses happening in your body.

The Fountain


Youthful Glow + Mental Peak Performance + Anti-Aging + Energy + Mental Health Support

Discover your Superhuman glow with a cocktail of 250mg NAD+, the world’s greatest anti-aging nutrient, glutathione, and other premium ingredients that will help you reverse age on a cellular level: aiding your memory, endurance, stamina, stress response, coping, metabolism and more.

***NAD+ infusions require booking in advance so we can make sure it is a good fit for you!


The Mentalist


Mental Peak Performance + Anti Aging + Energy + Mental Health Support

Contains 250mg of NAD+, the world’s greatest anti-aging nutrient that may boost stamina, mental health, and energy. Taurine helps kickstart your metabolism, improves physical performance and protects your musculoskeletal system. Vitamin B Elixir increases energy so you can perform your best.

***NAD+ infusions require booking in advance so we can make sure it is a good fit for you!

The Olympian


Rapid Recovery from Physical Exertion

Rapid Recovery from Physical Exertion with our unique blend of Vitamin B Elixir, Amino Acid Blend, and our Essential Mineral Blend.