Why IV Therapy Is Here To Stay And Why You Need It

It’s not just you; IV Therapy really is everywhere these days. In fact, it’s one of the hottest new health trends to be raved about in decades. 

Brad Pitt was an early adopter of the famous Myer’s Cocktail to help him look and perform his best onscreen. Madonna is a fan of intravenous Vitamin B12. Justin Bieber gets weekly NAD + treatments. Kendall Kardashian underwent an NAD+ IV treatment on her family’s show, The Kardashians. Everyone from Sofia Vergara to Jane Fonda and Gwyneth Paltrow rely on IV therapy to achieve maximum nutrient absorption. 

So what are the facts? 

1. We’re not getting the benefits of all the oral supplements we take…and for a very good reason. 

Just for context, I’m that person who used to take as many as thirty different supplements every day for months. I had entire cabinets in my kitchen dedicated to the many different types. 

But here’s the problem. 

Supplements have an absorption rate of 10-30%. This is because supplements have to undergo a complex process before their nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried by cells to the brain and other organs. Supplements have to be digested and digestion takes time. 

But it also means that in order to achieve that top-end 30% absorption from the pills you are swallowing, your gut has to be in fantastic shape (no gastro issues, no leaky gut, etc) and you have to be consuming top-of-the-line, high-quality supplements.  

So if you’re like the average American with poor gut quality, popping vitamin C from Walgreens or Costco, chances are your absorption rate is around that bottom-end, measly 10%. 

If you’re super-healthy, with a near-perfect gut health, taking expensive, well-produced supplements, you might be able to achieve thirty whole percent. 

This means that for most of us, it’s pointless to rely on supplements to combat any real issues or achieve truly optimum health. 

So what if you could get 100% absorption from a nutrient modality? 

IV therapy is the only nutrient-delivery system on planet earth that allows 100% absorbency. And why is that? Just think about it: all of the work your body normally has to do to break down your pills is completely omitted. Instead of waiting for your pills to kick in, the nutrients are immediately bioavailable as they pour into your bloodstream. 

From there, the nutrients are absorbed and carried by your cells all throughout your body. 

It doesn’t matter if you have the healthiest gut on planet earth. Your gut can only do so much work absorbing the nutrients you swallow. IV therapy is how you can achieve the highest absorption, quickest activation and longest-lasting nutrient system. 

And here at Superhuman, we’ve made it even easier. Instead of leaving the comfort of your home and signing into a medical clinic, with a few taps on your screen you can schedule a trusted Superhuman infusion nurse to come to your home, place of business or even hotel, and we will treat you with an IV there. Wherever you’re at, we can most likely treat you. 

You can simply kick back with your favorite book or show while our RNs administer nutrients that will all be absorbed into your body and help you feel better than ever. 

If you’re traveling with friends, you don’t even have to halt your conversation. If you’re at work, you don’t even have to stop writing emails, and if you’re home, you can even stay in your pajamas. 

Book your IV therapy today. 

Because when you feel better, you do better.

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